Introduction Of Veronica Glasper

My name is Lisa Veronica Glasper, I was born in Jacksonville,Florida. I started sewing at the age of seven. Seeing my mother make our school clothes inspired me to sew. I first started with sewing doll baby clothes . Once I was 11 years old, my mom bought me my first sewing machine. I made my first bodysuit and I wore it to school ( wish I had some pictures to show) anyway from there our family became apart of a religious organization that had a sewing factory (another story for later) that I attended. I was at the sewing factory for no more than a month I did gain the basics to sewing, I was 16 years old at the time . 3 years ago after having my daughter I decided I wanted to attend a Fashion Show .As I seen the designs and felt the energy of the models and runway it re-lit my fire for sewing. I decided to do Fashion Shows that following year which were interested,crazy and challenging for me which I will tell you all about in my next blog but, this is what started the journey of Veronica Glasper and my business DLG Fashion Boutique LLC

Ways to Make Money as a Seamstress/Designer

As a seamstress/fashion designer there are several ways to make money. Here are some of the things do to make money .

•Make Prom gowns here are a few dress I made last year . Your price can range from anywhere from $550 and up .

• You can do alteration on Gowns, suits and wedding gowns.

Teach Sewing classes group classes can range from $20, individual classes $40-$50 depending on how advance.

Make custom dresses and designs for Birthday or special event .

You can create your online store and sell from there. You can also get a contract with boutique to sell your designs in .I hope this helped any designers or seamstress that want to take their skills & craft further in making money .