Fabric Filter Face Mask How to clean them and where to purchase from 😷😊

Fabric face mask shall be wash daily to keep free of bacteria. After washing and drying you can iron on highest setting to keep free of bacteria. Because you can have covid 19 without any symptoms to reduce any spread to family members or if you must leave your home for necessity’s you can safe guard the spread to others and protect your self by wearing mask. Just as you shouldn’t touch your face the same applies with wearing mask . These particular mask have medical grade filter fabric in them. You can purchase these for $10 .


Why you should file your taxes even if you owe.

Sometimes we wish that, when we don’t file our taxes they will magically go away, even though we know this is the furthest thing from the truth. It actually will cause us to be charged with interest of late penalties. Here are some of the late penalties that we will be charge with one is call failure to pay and the other is called failure to file .Below I will elaborate on the specifics .

If you file your taxe, but do not pay your taxes this is called failure to pay which is .05% or up to 25% of the taxes you owe per month (plus the regular taxes you owe) until you make a payment. if you don’t file your taxes you be charge with failure to file ( which is a completely different interest of failure to pay) failure to file percentage is 5% of what you owe on your taxes per month plus failure to pay penalty interest which is of up to 25% per month and this does not include your regular taxes owed . Failure to file penalty interest goes up to 5 months, but failure to pay penalty interest is continuous.

If you can’t pay your taxes upfront still file your taxes and set up a payment arrangements. Another options is that you can file an extension to file which will go up to October then hopefully that will give you enough time to save money to assist with payments. If you have a reasonable cause for failure to pay on time you won’t have to pay late fees be sure to consult a tax professional the guidelines.


If you have any question get with a Brown Tax Service representative and they will be able to access your tax situation. You may even qualify for tax credits and deductions that may minimize what you owe or help you not owe anything at y’all. If you are already late with filing taxes then Brown tax service will be able to help with accessing your case to see if you qualify for not having to pay latepenalties So contact Brown Tax Service at 816-588-9031 or via email at info@browntaxservicellc.com.

Ways to Make Money as a Seamstress/Designer

As a seamstress/fashion designer there are several ways to make money. Here are some of the things do to make money .

•Make Prom gowns here are a few dress I made last year . Your price can range from anywhere from $550 and up .

• You can do alteration on Gowns, suits and wedding gowns.

Teach Sewing classes group classes can range from $20, individual classes $40-$50 depending on how advance.

Make custom dresses and designs for Birthday or special event .

You can create your online store and sell from there. You can also get a contract with boutique to sell your designs in .I hope this helped any designers or seamstress that want to take their skills & craft further in making money .